Battling With Your Teen Over Sexy Clothes? Tips for Parents

Great article about girls and their clothing choices. With the need to feel sexy and the marketing that comes with “being sexy,” what choices do you make as a consumer and WOMAN?

Psychology Benefits Society

Mother looking skeptically at a dress her teenage daughter is modeling

By Tomi-Ann Roberts, PhD (Professor of Psychology, Colorado College)

Moms and Dads have to constantly confront issues that arise from their daughters’ bodies maturing in a society that seems to sexualize them more and more. One nearly daily battle is around clothes. Too sexy? Not appropriate? What can be done to help our girls dress in a way that makes them feel good and doesn’t turn them into sexy objects?

In our APA Task Force report on the sexualization of girls we detailed three sources of sexualization. And the concerns raised by parents regarding their daughters’ clothing choices actually illustrate all three.

The first is cultural. When we walk into the mall, we see this source all around us: the micro-mini dresses and tube skirts, the low cut shirts and the padded bikini tops for 7 to 9 year olds, the advertising that sells us these clothes, and…

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